Welcome to Orange Horizons

Orange Horizons offers a new slant on radio communications advice, based on extensive practical experience gained over decades we can offer advice and direction to suit all levels of support requests. We are fiercely independent and have no ties to any suppliers or equipment manufacturers; we offer advice that is oriented to the needs of our clients and for their particular applications.

We offer simple, practical advice explained in terms that are easily understood and tailored to your specific needs, we will take the time to develop an understanding of your applications and requirements, and then make our recommendations with those in mind. Our main aim is to ensure that your outcome meets your needs, both operationally as well as financially.

If you are looking for :

  • Radio communications explained in simple terms

  • Developing an understanding of which type of communications will meet your needs

  • Radio design advice to meet your particular requirements

  • Support with any form of licencing or training, or just

  • Some expert assistance to lead you out of the communications jungle


ARCIAOrange Horizons is certified as an Accredited Professional organisation by the Australian Radio Communications Industry Association (ARCIA) Inc.


Radio communications advice
Independent consultancy
Expert advice & assistance
Practical experience

Orange Horizons is an independent radio communications consultancy, we do not sell or provide equipment, nor do we promote any particular brand of equipment, our recommendations are made on the basis of what is best for our clients.

Orange Horizons - the dawn of a new era in radio communications consultancies...

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