Orange Horizons is recognised by ARCIA as an ‘Accredited Professional Organisation’ having been independently evaluated with regard to the professional methods and operational format in order to meet the highest standards expected of professional organisations.

Orange Horizons is a strong supporter of the Australian Radio Communications Industry Association (ARCIA) and believes that the long-term health of the radio communications industry is contingent on the aims and efforts of ARCIA. Amongst other initiatives, ARCIA is working on many initiatives including –

  • Membership of the Association by all possible sectors of the industry
  • Industry Accreditation to increase the professionalism of the industry and the people who are working in it
  • Education & Training to improve the skills level and ensure that there is a steady stream of highly-skilled people available to design, install and support radio systems within all areas of Australia
  • Events and seminars around Australia to encourage and foster high degrees of networking between industry personnel, ARCIA believes that this encourages a higher degree of learning and client support by demonstrating to people that they are part of a strong and vibrant industry

The ARCIA Mission Statement and information is available from the ARCIA web site –

Ian Miller has been recognised for his services to ARCIA by being awarded Life Membership of the Association in 2010. He was also awarded the prestigious Jonathan Livingstone Seagull Award in 1986 for his innovation and contribution to the Radio Communications Industry over an extended period of time.