Migration Planning

Migration strategies are one of the most important issues in any situation where a client is making significant changes to a radio communications system, either by moving to new technology or making serious infrastructure variations, it becomes essential to undertake a ‘Migration Planning’ exercise. Orange Horizons can advise and assist with the development of a proper ‘Migration plan’ to ensure that the change addresses all of the requirements and doesn’t have any significant negative effects on the clients ongoing operation.

Amongst the steps to be considered as part of this process are –

  • Audit of present and future requirements
  • Measure the existing network usage and channel loading characteristics
  • Define the network requirements based on the information gained from the above steps.
  • Prepare the scope of works involved in the transfer from the existing to new system
  • Examine the present system architecture to identify what equipment can be retained or re-used in the new system, either as a permanent arrangement or as part of the transition process.
  • Determine which migration process will work best for the particular application, a staged process or a complete transition, or a combination of both.
  • Prepare the system design incorporating the information gathered in the previous steps, document the requirements and prepare a system specification based on user needs and measurable criteria that relate to these needs.
  • Formulate training packages to best assist user groups to move onto the new system format and to be capable of any intermediate stages that may be necessary as part of the migration
  • Identify the testing regime for either small-scale test systems or as part of the FAT, SAT and commissioning process, including a degree of testing prior to the migration procedures being implemented
  • Execute the migration and ensure user acceptance with any concerns being immediately addressed
  • Document the new system as required.

A good migration plan will incorporate some or all of the above steps, as well as an analysis of the cost and risk factors.