Training Requirements

Often overlooked until the very last minute, and usually only when the new systems or changes are in place, training can become a significant concern. With proper advice and forethought, this very important aspect can be dealt with as part of overall planning and even designed to meet the requirements and operational needs of individual user groups. It is also important that training materials are available for staff refresh or new employee access into the future

There are several areas of concern when training is considered:

  • Training of mentors to be able to initiate change management throughout any process
  • Pre-commissioning training to make users and other staff aware of the changes that are coming and the timeframes that will be involved in any process.
  • Training of users of any new technology or equipment, this must be simple and applicable to the user groups requirements, all users may not have the same training requirements.
  • Post-commissioning training which could include simple ‘PowerPoint’ style packages that can be held on local servers or other collateral to enable users to review and refresh their training needs, as well as providing ongoing self-training packages for ‘new start’ employees in the future.
  • Ensuring that local maintenance personnel have sufficient training from the equipment vendor to be able to respond to any fault or maintenance issues as they arise.