Desk Audit

Radio systems vary from very small with only a couple of handheld radios operating in an ‘In-plant’ mode, through to major systems that cover large areas and include significant quantities of equipment, part of the concern for many purchasers is establishing whether the vendor offering is going to meet the actual needs. A desk audit can be a quick and easy way to gain an external evaluation of the vendor proposal(s). We will identify your needs and then evaluate the proposals against your actual requirements.

A desk audit might be structured around the following:

  • Establish the actual system requirements from the purchaser and the evaluation criteria
  • Evaluate the vendor information based on the relevant criteria
  • Compare the vendor information presented with product/technology information from other resources to verify the suitability of the proposed soution
  • Identify the issues and concerns that may arise from the above stages
  • Present the options and an action plan to the client relative to the audit
  • Provide the necessary support with regard to corrective actions from the vendor as well as provide any other training and follow-up to ensure the best outcome for the client.